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It's time to find a new home in Rolling Meadows, and you can help make it a reality with the help of some of the best and most knowledgeable people in the Chicago area and beyond.

Whether you are on a business trip or planning an annual trip, opportunities for national and international travel are available. Hare International Airport is less than 20 minutes from home, and being just one minute from Schaumburg, you will love having the flexibility to get in the car and drive to your new home in a few hours. With a break to spare, you can spend your free time exploring your newest hometown, Rolling Meadows. Use your new-found leisure time to enjoy the amenities of the city such as parks, restaurants, shopping and entertainment, and have access to a variety of local restaurants and bars.

Enjoy park-to-park opportunities with a variety of footpaths, cycle paths and cycle paths, as well as access for cyclists and pedestrians to the park system.

If you have a body shop, we encourage you to contact our office to find out what type of insurance you need to mitigate your risks. We can explain your type of insurance, help you choose your deductible and answer any questions you may have when choosing the coverage. Contact the office for more information on how an independent agent can help protect your car body workshop or request a quote.

If you need an auto repair, Casey Automotive has the ability to help you if you have any concerns about any of these issues. If you have a car repair and happen to be using one of our services, please contact us for help and concern for each other.

We believe in remaining environmentally friendly in all aspects of our car repair services. We use energy saving equipment and lighting in our car workshop and recycle oil every day. We also remain committed to protecting the environment and the community we support.

When we put together the most modern diagnostic technology and equipment, you will receive a garage on which you depend. Casey Automotive carries out car repairs for every brand and style that happens to be at home or abroad. Our office has a wide range of diagnostic equipment and equipment for the repair and maintenance of cars. The cover is especially important for the engine, transmission, brakes, suspension and other parts of your car.

With the right insurance, you can keep your doors open and minimize the risk of significant financial consequences in the event of unexpected damage. Even if you cannot prevent an accident or loss, you can prepare for the unknown with a commercial insurance policy that protects your business from losses. Property insurance can help, for example, to cover the costs of cleaning, repairing and replacing your property if it is damaged or destroyed in a covered event.

After a damaging event that forces your workshop to close temporarily, insurance against business interruptions can help to cover the running costs so that you can continue to pay bills and perhaps even pay salaries in the meantime. For example, if criminals break into your business and steal parts from a customer's car, you need insurance that not only helps cover the costs, but also protects you from legal costs. If one of your employees is injured at work, the employee's wage and sickness insurance helps if he is unemployed for a certain period of time due to injury or illness.

By working with an independent agent like AFI Insurance, your local - on - one-support forgets the fact that the agent understands your industry and the risks involved. You will also have access to attorneys who work on behalf of your business to find and compare the best insurance options available to you in your area and other parts of Illinois.

This means that you will never be convinced that your vehicle does not even need a car repair service. If you have an appointment and you have unexpected car repairs, you can take care of them.

We believe that car repair technicians will look after your best interests, especially when it comes to the price of services. We are proud to have founded Casey Automotive and believe in the quality of our service and customer service, as well as our quality products.

We offer insurance solutions that protect your business, your employees and your customers so you can worry less and focus on work instead. Our goal is to help you find affordable coverage that protects your bottom line without sacrificing quality and protection. We want you to have confidence in the protection you choose and commit to providing continuous support when you need it.

Every single car repair is done and we do not do any single car repair to ensure that your family's safety is guaranteed in your vehicle.

More About Rolling Meadows

More About Rolling Meadows