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The newly created Hot Science Gallery at the Rolling Meadows Illinois Museum of Natural History opened the Art of Science and Craft Beer on Friday. The Art, Science and Craft Beer exhibition opens at Rolling Hills State Park on Friday, July 1, 2017, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is the first time in the museum's history that an exhibition on art / science / craft beer opened on a Friday at its new location, the newly opened Hot Science Gallery.

The Reisch Brewery in Springfield has been producing beer for over 100 years, including during Prohibition. The Rolling Meadows Illinois Museum of Natural History's "Art, Science and Craft Beer" exhibition will be part of the exhibition's opening Friday.

Deerfield Bakery (tm), which opened in 1993 in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, and Deerfield Bakeries (r), a joint venture of the Schmitt family. The first bakery in Weisloch, which was opened in 1886 by HenrySchmitt's family, was taken over in 1972 by his son Henry Schmitz, who opened the first bakery in Germany - Weisloch.

Located north of I-90, the Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center cuts through the city on a south-northwest-southeast axis and is bounded by the Chicago River, Illinois River and Lake Michigan River. The Jane Addams Memorial Tollway is part of the city - bounded on the north, south, east, west and west sides and part of its east-west axis by Interstate 90.

The Deerfields Bakery (tm) in Schaumburg also houses Portillo's Hot Dogs Bebe, a popular Chicago-style hot dog chain. There is a wide selection of hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches and other foods, and it is also the location of the first ever Deerfield Park and Recreation Center.

Schaumburg town hall is a historic building with a large collection of old and new buildings, and here is also the post office. There is an area dedicated to Legos and other building toys, including Erector sets (r), and there are a variety of other toys and games for children and adults. It includes thirteen walk-in zones and is one of the largest Lego stores in the United States, with more than 1,000 Lego pieces.

The Schaumburg Club is located on the first floor of the suite level and has a glass-enclosed observation area and baseball field, which can be rented year-round for private events. General admission is $15, and it costs $30 to get a guided tour of "The Vault of Adam Reed Tucker."

If you walk from the town hall in a west direction to the central library, only the sculpture remains. To really appreciate the second largest public library in the state, I recommend visiting the Central Library. In good weather, a walk along the east side of the building with a gazebo, pond, waterfall and amphitheatre is also recommended.

Higgins Road and Route 72 cut a northwest-southeast axis from the north-south axis of City Hall to Neenah Park to the east and Higgins Road to the west. McConnor Parkway extends south to Golf Road, crosses Roosevelt Boulevard and then goes north to goo north and south along the south and west sides of Neshaminy Park.

Irving Park Road and Route 19 cut the southern part of the city on a northwest-southeast Asia axis from the north to south axis of City Hall to Neshaminy Park to the east and Higgins Road to the west. The remains of Schaumburg's old town are on an axis with Schaumburger Straße, but extend only one or two blocks in each direction along Rosellenstraße. There are more green areas, interrupted by a single residential building and a jungle preserved by the entrance to the Friendship Village, flanked by two large green spaces, one to the west and one to the south. It's the only location on the golf road so small that it lacks a Barnelli's Pasta Bowl, though it's not too far from Rolling Meadows Park.

The free-standing ice cream and dairy shop Oberweis is located north of the town hall and is therefore a great place for children to take a break from the busy shopping and dining offer of the city centre. Schaumburg is also home to only two LEGO stores in the United States, the other in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Woodfield Mall already has a LEGO Group store on the top floor of the Sears' wing, and there is a LEGO (tm) store, but it is closer to what it is now Macy's < br > is just a few blocks from its original location.

It was spread over two interconnected buildings and was the anchor store of Woodfield Mall, which now houses Macy's, Sears and a number of other high-end department stores.

If you're a fan of skating, you need to know that Kimball Hill Pond freezes in winter, but during the month, skating is usually safe. If you have just visited the city, chill out for a few hours before you go back out on the street and ice skate again. In the heart of the town square is an eight-hectare building called Town Commons, which has a pond, fountain, waterfall, gazebo and amphitheatre. The park is just a short walk from the Illinois State Fairgrounds and offers a variety of activities from sports to nature.

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