Rolling Meadows Illinois Attractions

The Middlefork Savanna Forest Preserve is a natural gem hidden in the middle of a small town in southern Illinois, a short drive from Chicago. Located on the north side of the city of Rolling Meadows, Illinois, north of Chicago, the park offers a variety of activities from sports to nature. While we were traveling with our family, we noticed that the park also has a playground and a picnic area.

We watched a baseball game, watched a movie, enjoyed a light show set to music on Leslie's side of the fence, and tried our luck at some other activities, such as a bike ride and a walk through the paths of the park.

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The lily of the Greenway Cache wanders from the Bollingbrook-Plainfield border to the east - to the west to the ComEd Greenways. The western section runs from McHenry County College on US 14 to Crystal Lake, west of N. Oak Street, and the southern section is south of the Green Belt Forest Preserve. The North Shore Channel Trail stretches from North Lake Shore Drive in Rolling Meadows east to Lake Michigan Drive.

Struckman Boulevard Path stretches from Bartlett Road to State Route 59 and is less than a mile long, narrowing from the end of Sunset Park to the end of SR 59. The Prairie Point Trail is a scenic neighborhood route that connects the long Grove Road Trail twice, and the Prairie Trail runs the length of McHenry County but is managed by the McHenry County Conservation District. The Kuhn Road Trail starts at the intersection of North Lake Shore Drive and Lake Michigan Drive at Rolling Meadows and continues east along the Green Belt Forest Preserve Trail to Oak Park.

The District provides recreational services to residents living within the county's corporate boundaries, which include Rolling Meadows, Oak Park, North Lake Shore Drive and Lake Michigan Drive. A small portion of the area covers School District 59 and serves the community of Oak Lake Park and Lake County Medical Center. For the inhabitants, this part has a population of about 2,500, or about 1,000 people per square mile.

A very small portion is served by Arlington Heights School District 25, which includes the Prospect Heights community, where students attend RMHS, as well as the communities of Oak Lake Park, Oak Park and Lake County Medical Center. Prospect Height has very few sidewalks, so bikes, rollerblades and pedestrians have to cross the street to enter the parks.

The Valley Line Trail, also known as Sauganash Trail and the Union Pacific Recreation Path, which provides access to Lake George, Wolf Lake, Lake Park, Oak Lake and Lake County Medical Center. As the name suggests, the "Lake George" trail runs along the northern shore of Lake Georges before turning right and passing the eastern shore to the left.

This charming neighborhood is located in LaSalle County, surrounded by wooded views of the rolling prairie and scenic views of the Chicago River. At just three miles, the Veterans Memorial Trail offers a wooded and paved trail experience. The Waupon Lake Glacial Trail leaves the urban Joliet area to bask in the sun and beauty of Lake George, Lake Park, Oak Lake and Lake County Medical Center. This 2.5-mile walk from the city of Chicago offers outdoor recreation from prairies, forests and swamps.

Racine's southeastern neighborhood is home to the North Shore Trail, which stretches south from the Racine-Kenosha County border. The Palos Heights Bike Trail offers scenic views of the Chicago River, Lake Shore Drive and the city of Chicago.

The North Shore bike path runs for nearly 8 miles and runs parallel to State Route 176 along the entire length. The Millennium Trail currently extends for just over 30 miles in two separate segments, but there are plans to expand it to 35 miles and connect it to the Des Plaines River Trail.

More About Rolling Meadows

More About Rolling Meadows