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The 2020 sculptures are officially here, and ArtsPartners of Central Illinois is bringing nine large-scale sculptures by artists from around the country to downtown for this year's Sculpture Walk in Peoria. One of Illinois' most famous sculptors - and one of its best - has kept secrets and created twenty or nine sculptures that have come to life on the streets of Effingham.

Paintings, murals by artists from around the country, and sculptures by local artists can be found throughout historic downtown Jacksonville. Also scattered throughout the city are 13 single or multi-story sculptures created by various artists in the Midwest. In front of the town hall there is also a large sculpture of a local artist in the form of a bronze sculpture.

During the summer and autumn season, you can also enjoy a number of outdoor events. And last but not least, Bebe the Marshall, which has 27 murals and 40 painted lions. The mural depicts a variety of local attractions, including the Jacksonville Museum of Natural History, Jacksonville State University, and the Jacksonville Zoo and Aquarium. Everywhere you look there is a mural, sculpture or sculpture by a local artist that you can visit if you want to spend the day having fun or doing sports.

Be sure to take a walk and visit the Art Institute of Chicago, where you can see the works of some of the world's most famous artists, such as Robert Rauschenberg. Walk the Walk and take a self-guided tour narrated by the artist to explain the inspiration behind his sculptures.

And if you're looking for a challenge, head to the Art Institute of Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. You can follow the instructions on your phone and answer funny questions, learn about the history of the museum and its history, as well as the murals, and find out where each mural is located so you can easily track them down. The hunt for the muralists is described in more detail on the Chicago Art Museum's website and Facebook page.

Take a trip to downtown Bloomington to admire and photograph a sculpture created by Herb Eaton called "Star - Crossed Pollinators."

To highlight Jacksonville's rich history, walls of murals have been painted on the surrounding downtown plaza, highlighting the city's history, its port history, and its place in the United States. This mural pays homage to Jacksonville, a thriving river community that once competed with St. Louis as a major river port.

A brand new event called CRE8IV (Transformational ART) has brought eight leading artists to downtown Rockford to create nine large-scale murals. For five weeks, the youth of the district work together as a group to realize art projects under the guidance and supervision of professional artists. The Streator mural is the latest, including one with a mural of St. John the Baptist Church in the historic city center. This mural transforms a once plain wall into a colorful and unique work of art that everyone can see.

The Walldogs roam the city, bringing people, places and products to life with exterior views. The murals change daily, making it a great place to visit and photograph this incredible work of art. Learn more about the mural and those who like to take pictures and visit to learn more. Theme presentation Eighteen destinations throughout Illinois, with a special focus on local food, music, art, culture, food and entertainment.

Those looking for live music will find it here in the heart of the city, right next to the Art Museum. Lovers of creative spirits will be at home here with a wide variety of art, food, music and entertainment.

If you are near Chicago, you can easily spend a day exploring all that the city has to offer. You can stroll through Millennium Park, admire famous monuments and sculptures such as Cloud Gate and shop in the area's many unique boutiques. In the Granite City Art and Design District, there is a huge swing that can accommodate up to ten people.

After the test, the images taken by the intra-oral camera can be digitally printed out, saved, deleted and erased. X-ray machines can be rotated to have a 360 degree view of the entire city of Chicago or even the Chicago skyline.

If you want an intimate view of the Chicago skyline, look no further than downtown Rockford. Look out, as Jacksonville Main Street intends to expand the collection further and a new piece could easily be painted on your watch.

A short drive away is a 100-acre prairie landscape on the banks of the Mississippi, north of Rockford, Illinois. This beautiful park stretches for 3 km and hosts a variety of outdoor activities, from picnics to hiking and cycling to fishing.

While the current conditions have forced many of us to pause, amazing outdoor art is alive and well. Outdoor art offers the opportunity to appreciate and experience the work of talented artists in the open air. Enjoy freshly painted finishes in this beautiful park that features Aurora Public Art art commissioned for downtown Aurora.

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